The End

The End

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tobacco - Side8

God invented vinyl for those fortunate enough Not to be subliminally insane.


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good night you princes of Maine, you kings of New England
For the major labels, it's over. It's fucking over.
You're going to burn to the fucking ground, and we're
all going to dance around the fire. And it's your own
fault. Surely, somewhere deep inside, you had to know
this day was coming, right? Your very industry is
founded on an unfair business model of owning art you
didn't create in exchange for the services you provide.
It's rigged so that you win every time - even if the
artist does well, you do ten times better. It was able
to exist because you controlled the distribution, but
now that's back in the hands of the people, and you
let the ball drop when you could have evolved.


He calls the end product “omnitempo maximalism,” which
basically means no rules, no limitations, and no
hesitation in fusing the familiar with the strange or
the classic with the cutting edge.